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Negativní recenze
25.09.2023 2:15
<a href=https://bs3.direct/bacd5e64f> 
<img src="https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/affilka-b-public/b/mediumcontent/169/attachment/ae255467f4d675f896655fe6216ae33f.jpg"> 
- The Graph price prediction is bullish for the next month and suggests upside reversal is possible. 
- GRT price is trying to climb the 50-day EMA to reverse the short-term trend. 
- The Graph crypto price showed initial signs of a bullish trend reversal. 
The Graph price prediction is bullish for October 2023. It suggests that buyers are active near $0.0800 and trying their best to rebound. 
GRT price is near to the 50-day EMA and buyers are attempting to break the EMA hurdle. If they succeed, then the confirmation of the short-term trend reversal will be visible. However, the price is still below the 200-day EMA denotes the positional trend is still down. 
For the past few weeks, GRT crypto has been stuck in a narrow range and formed a short-term base. So, the downside risk looks limited. 
Recently, GRT price took support near $0.0761 and bounced back with a high volume. It recovered approximately 20% from the low and is trying to break the $0.0900 hurdle. 
If the buyers succeed in breaking the $0.0900 hurdle, then a sharp rise may come which will take the price to $0.1100. 
The Graph price is trading at $0.0877 with an intraday rise of 0.23%. The 24-hour volume to market cap is 2.44%. The pair of GRT/BTC is trading at 0.00000329 with a flat basis. 
Will The Graph Price Continue the Recovery? 
<img src="https://cnews24.ru/uploads/3a0/3a0fd649fc49477f893d3676e332b3dbd77dc0a3.png"> 
GRT/USDT daily chart by TradingView 
The Graph price prediction favors the bulls and suggests a rise in the coming months. The bulls are being active and a minor sell-off is getting absorbed. 
It indicates that buyers are returning to track. Meanwhile, the overall crypto market is recovering so it may positively impact the prices of GRT and other altcoins.
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Uživatel: mubfrulp

Neutrální recenze
18.09.2023 12:49
<a href=https://bs3.direct/bacd5e64f> 
<img src="https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/affilka-b-public/b/mediumcontent/169/attachment/ae255467f4d675f896655fe6216ae33f.jpg"> 
A layer-1 altcoin is outperforming the broader crypto markets after putting up a nearly 30% rally in the last week. 
Proof-of-work blockchain Kaspa (KAS) is trading for $0.0496 at time of writing, up from a low of about $0.0383 one week ago. 
The 44th-ranked crypto asset by market cap is up more than 3.6% in the past 24 hours. 
Kaspa’s price surge materialized amid multiple new integrations this week. 
On Wednesday, the crypto lender CoinRabbit made the project available on its platform for KAS-backed loans. Later that day, the crypto payment gateway NOWPayments integrated Kaspa onto its platform. 
Additionally, the cryptocurrency mining platform Antpool introduced a dedicated Kaspa mining pool last week. 
Kasps aims to deliver high block creation and transaction speed without the loss of security and decentralization that many higher-speed chains suffer from by using BlockDAG. The technology allows Kaspa to generate multiple blocks per second, giving the network the ability to process transactions instantly. 
The proof-of-work project also says it’s designed so that solo miners, or miners who choose to work by themselves instead of relying on mining pools, can thrive as well. 
“Kaspa is currently the fastest proof-of-work, mineable coin while remaining decentralized. The blockDAG architecture with rapid block rates allows more mining decentralization and enables effective solo mining at lower hashrates… 
In solo mining, individual miners compete with each other to solve the puzzle and earn the reward. However, the odds of successfully solving the puzzle are low, especially with the increasing difficulty of the network.” 
<img src="https://dailyhodl.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/proof-of-work-layer.jpg?resize=750,375"> 
Cryptocurrency exc
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Uživatel: Mupmaype

Neutrální recenze
27.08.2023 7:01
Crypto news! 
<a href=https://bs3.direct/bacd5e64f> 
<img src="https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/affilka-b-public/b/mediumcontent/169/attachment/ae255467f4d675f896655fe6216ae33f.jpg"> 
Ripple, the company behind popular cryptocurrency XRP, has been announced as an official partner of a key subgroup under a Bank for International Settlements (BIS) committee. This could be a massive development in the company’s pursuit to create a crypto ecosystem between central banks around the world. 
<b>Ripple Named As Key BIS Committee Partner</b> 
This announcement comes at a time when the altcoin is back to being in bullish space thanks to the recently delivered Summary Judgment in the Ripple lawsuit against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The judgment effectively said that the token can not be deemed a security if it is sold through an exchange or through programmatic sales for retail buyers, while the previous judgment holds when it comes to institutional sales. 
According to the announcement, Ripple is now an official partner of the ‘Cross-border payments interoperability and extension taskforce’. The taskforce is a subgroup within the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures. The BIS announcement comes just few days after Michael Miebach, chief executive officer at payments company Mastercard, revealed that his company is in collaboration with the likes of Ripple in relation to a new central bank digital currency (CBDC) partner program. 
<b>What Next For XRP Price?</b> 
Meanwhile, the XRP price saw significant volatile trend in the last few days, thanks to the recent developments like the SEC’s filing for interlocutory appeal in the lawsuit against Ripple. Earlier, CoinGape reported that traders could be rewarded if they hold on until the token hits a target of $0.62 next. Compared to the beginning of the year 2023, the XRP price jumped by a whopping 54%, compared to the
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Uživatel: Hausajip

Negativní recenze
30.07.2023 16:37
After the massive rally witnessed on the July 24th launch date, the Worldcoin(WLD) witnessed a sharp reversal to stabilize its price action. By the press time, the WLD price trades at $2.35 and is roughly 68% down from its market debut peak of $7.50. Currently, the price trend has turned sideways wobbling around the $2 mark. Will the recovery continue after this consultation? 
<b>Worldcoin Price Daily Chart</b> 
A broadening wedge pattern leads the current rally in Worldcoin price 
A positive crossover between the 50-and-100-day EMA slope could accelerate the buying pressure among traders. 
The intraday trading volume in Worldcoin is $155.6 Million, indicating a 6.5% loss. 
<img src="https://cnews24.ru/uploads/c38/c38c3769cf5fd97d5883323c862b823b85bcd83b.png"> 
<i>Source- Tradingview</i> 
The Worldcoin price clearly reflects a sideways trend with the higher low and lower high formation in the hourly time frame chart. After the recent price surge, this consolidation is crucial for a sustained bullish trend as it could absorb the build-up selling pressure, and check sustainability at higher levels. 
As of now, the coin price shows a steady recovery rally under the influence of a broadening channel pattern. The prices are constantly wiggling with rising trend lines and approaching the $2.55 swing high resistance. 
If the chart pattern remains intact, and offers dynamic support to coin buyers, the WLD price could challenge the $2.55 for a bullish breakout. Reclaiming this swing high would be an early sign for uptrend continuation and may drive a rally to the next significant resistance around $2.92-$3. 
<b>Can Worldcoin Price Plunge Back to $1.85?</b> 
The hourly chart shows the two rising trendlines are currently supporting the Worldcoin price rally. The steeper one is the lower trendline of the broadening channel and the second is drawn connecting the lows of July 25th and 28th. Considering a pessimistic situation, a breakdown
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